Model with DS ends up being face of beauty

Katie Meade, 32, is breaking down stereotypes of those with Down syndrome by exposing she’s the face of haircare brand Beauty & Pin-ups.

Katie, who was likewise born with a heart flaw and resides in Iowa facial los angeles, United States, will now appear on the product packaging of a hair mask product by the brand name. And she looks spectacular!

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How to Enhance Women’s Beauty

The around the world phenomenon of the web has actually drastically altered the landscape of how skin care manufacturers and providers bring out their marketing techniques. With more than USD$ 60 million of annual revenue at stake, it is understandable that providers look for any option that can provide them an edge in the market.

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Satirical Women's Health Cover

Last July, Chrissy Teigen disrobed for the cover of Women’s Health U.K. Now, that cover is back, and going viral once more however it’s not what you think it is. Because this time around, it’s hand-drawn, and the headlines are somewhat different.

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